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Summing Up Six Seasons of “Lost” 24.05.2010

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TV Review: Stargate Voyager? 13.10.2009

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"I'm a celebrity. Get me out of here!"—Col. David Telford

"I'm a celebrity. Get me out of here!"—Col. David Telford

Movie: Stargate Universe, “Air,” Parts 1 and 2 (2009)
Precis: Part 1: The wrong people in the wrong place get stranded in a very old spaceship flying on autopilot on the far side of the universe. Part 2: Another alien-so-weird-it-has-to-communicate-through-avatars-of-people-from-your-past (an old sci fi chestnut; e.g, Contact, 1997).
IMHO: Third entry in the Stargate TV franchise nicely strays from the three humans + the other formula of the other Stargate and many other genre shows. So far. But few of the characters are likable or even very interesting. As a franchise, Stargate SG-1 was the bastard child of TOS, inheriting all the humor that never went to TNG. More about adventure than sci fi, Stargate is at its best when it doesn’t take itself seriously, with scripts and stars full of energy and wit. This show, perhaps overly influenced by the overrated Battlestar Galactica telenovela, comes off as too serious, even with Eli as the dorky comedian/genius, and lacking in energy and wit. Still, there is potential, with the tense set-up and the generally-reliable Stargate veterans behind it. Maybe if we never had to see Lou Diamond Phillips again. His cliched character (and questionable casting) exemplifies everything that is wrong with the show. And he never sings “La Bamba.”
Compared to the classic Trek episode “Shore Leave,” my impression is that your race is not yet ready to understand us, Captain.
If Gene Roddenberry had produced it, there would have been a ham-fisted religious reference. Oh wait, there was!
If Scotty had been in the episode, he would have fixed the engines and got everyone home before the opening credits.
SPOILER: Sam/Jack shippers will once again be disappointed.
I give these episodes: 2.86 Nomads out of 5