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What’s this Aboot?

Put two fans of Star Trek like Commodore Mendez and Yeoman Nacelle Envy together in a room with some Cabernet, vodka, or just some nicely chilled sterno, and you’re sure to get the kind of provocative intellectual discourse that would force a Provider want to spend his last quatloo to call his mom, convince a Squire of Gothos soil his fine silk waistcoat, or make a Nurse Chapel ask a certain Vulcan to give back her underwear.


1. nacelleenvy - 28.04.2009

Shouldn’t it be DrunkenTrekkers? Just asking….

Yeoman Nacelle Envy

Commodore Mendez - 04.06.2009

See, now I may not be me soberest as I write this, so bare with me. Bear? Bayer? I never ever liked the term “Trekkers” because it seems to carry a sense of self-importance that takes away the fun of fan-loving something as singular and as sometimes silly as Star Trek. In some quadrants, “Trekkies” is still being used as a pejorative term, but the people who do are assholes and no doubt love things like sports and pro life rallies, but I think we have and should continue claim the label “Trekkies” as our own and proudly, with chest broad and pants threatening to bust.

2. Max - 18.01.2010

I didn’t know you liked Star Trek! You should have told me, ass! I have all those black clam digger pants like they used to wear in the original TV series – and had my tailor (Pepino, Lexington Avenue btwn 59th/60th) sew those little belled-out bottoms onto all of them! You want? They’ll fit you, dude!

And here’s one for you: Remember that episode when spock and kirk had to fight each other to the death on Vulcan with those Marine training joust sticks? Spock almost killed Kirk until that old Vulcan Queen shouted a word which sounded like, “KROIKA!”

What was that word, and what does it mean?

3. Commodore Mendez - 18.01.2010

Max! Yes, love the Trek. A private, personal love. I’ll take a pair of those “clam diggers” in 34 waist, 33 long. Also: Please ask Pepino to give me skosh more room in the seat and thigh.

And yes, that was the powerful Vulcan dowager T’Pau (played by Celia Lovsky), presiding over the ill-fated nuptials of Mr. Spock and the VILFy T’Pring. You heard correctly, sir. T’Pau says, “Kroykah!” Which means “Stop!,” “Enough!,” or “I’d like some more borsch whenever you get a chance, waiter!”

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