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Beam Me Up, Beam Me Up Hard 26.08.2010

Posted by Yeoman Nacelle Envy in Uncategorized.

A very dear friend sent me this link, asking what I thought of it. I found it reasonably entertaining, in a science-fiction-y kinda way. But full disclosure: I have to admit that, in my crotchety old age, I’ve become addicted to actual “genuine” freaky science stuff. I know, I’m a nerd. I read Discover, Scientific American, Free Inquiry, and Skeptical Inquirer cover-to-cover and devour shelves of laymen-friendly physics books and hours of all kinds of hard science TV shows and the like. Stuff about string theory, quantum mechanics, dark energy, the search for the “Higgs Boson,” black holes, behavior evolution, warped space/time issues, ‘brane theory, the nature of consciousness, “spooky action at a distance,” multiple universes, research into invisibility, and yes, that single molecule “scientists successfully teleported” really fascinates me.

So, in honestly, the kind of completely baseless, made-up stuff this guy Bashar is randomly pulling out of his butt and presenting as reality is entertaining, but truth is it’s kinda annoying to me he’s not labeling it “science fiction” considering how much REAL mindboggling, absolutely amazing science discoveries and stunning, breathtakingly scientific research is actually going on out there. Right now all around the world. Just my two cents.

I have no problem with people making stuff up if they openly present it as fiction — hell, I do that myself whenever the eff I can — but it’s a big pet peeve when they do it as fact. And the web is full if these kinds of shenanigans. Don’t mean to get my back up, but, just for example, it’s like when Deepak Chopra takes a really cool recent physics discovery, completely distorts it (and misunderstands it), and then uses it, incorrectly, to support and “validate” some random “new age” spirituality trend he’s trying to sell the public — it pisses me off.

Can you tell this issue strikes a nerve in me? Sorry. Maybe it comes from my old days as an amateur conjurer. We magicians get particularly hinky about this stuff. I don’t think it’s by accident that people who are well-versed at tricking the public (and see how incredibly easy it is to fool them) — from me, to The Amazing Randi, to Penn & Teller, to Houdini himself — often become seriously obsessed with debunking charlatans, fakes, and hucksters. It’s a natural progression.

Sorry, I went off on many tangents. Too much coffee this morning. Bottom line is my philosophy is: reality and this universe of ours is turning out to be weird, wild, wacky, strange and thrilling enough — without making up stuff and presenting it as the truth, you know? There’s just no need!

On the other hand, humans have been making random stuff up since the beginning of recorded history (don’t get me started on religion!) so I suppose I should just accept it at this point. Sigh.



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