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Porque Soy Un Trekkie, Part 2 03.03.2010

Posted by Commodore Mendez in Star Trek.
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The elusive brown dwarf -- was eventually found under the lid of a boiling pot of pasta.

In graduate school I roomed with a fun flock of fanboys. There was Marc, Steve, Rich, Phil, and my roommate, Andy. In any case, bouts of Risk and Diplomacy filled our suite as much as beer and bad cooking. And even women sometimes. In any event, I was in a long-distance relationship of sorts and wasn’t around for a lot of the weekend-long gaming. During the weekdays, though, I would come out of my room and see the guys gathered around our TV set in the living room all watching Star Trek TOS with rapt attention.

“Another repeat!,” I would declare in false indignation.

And they would snicker, even when I said it the 50th time. Well, maybe by that point they were ignoring me.

Sometimes I would watch with them, sometimes I wouldn’t. As I said, I was not quite a complete Trekkie. Not yet.

In any case, it was early in the fall 1987 term when Star Trek: The Next Generation premiered. There had been some talk and of course trepidation among us. But overall I believe we were all curious about the new show. This was years before we as a culture had been be beaten down by endless remakes and reboots and feared them like aliens that mostly come out at night. Mostly. We didn’t know what damage could be done. After all, the Star Trek movies had for the most part been good fun. What could go wrong?

So we watched the new show, and the consensus among our suite of fanboys was that it was really cool, but maybe needed a little time to establish itself. Although I think Marc mancrushed on Riker right away.

I watched. I watched it for years.

It never grew on me. To me, Patrick Stewart was miscast, an overactor, but not in a fun way. And the rest of the cast seemed stiff and fatally uncharismatic. The stories were dull, short on action, long, very long on technobabble.

However, I realized while watching this pale, politically correct imitation how much I loved, LOVED the original series. The energy! The intelligence! The sense of humor! All these I found missing from TNG.

I admit, maybe I loved TOS much more because the Kirk-Spock-McCoy trio were archetypal, bigger-than-life characters with unfillable boots. Maybe it’s because I had lived with them so long, they were family. And so Picard and his players seemed just pretenders, throwaway TV types in uncomfortable looking pajamas.

In any case, I stayed with TNG as long as I could, but there are many episodes I’ve yet to see. But that show and  Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and :Voyager were part of my continuing voyage to becoming a Latino Trekkie.



1. gordon - 04.03.2010

ever seen Spock speak Japanese? its funny

2. Commodore Mendez - 10.03.2010

I’m sure there are those fans who grew up with TNG or, even now, see it repeated again and again on cable, and for them that IS Star Trek, for them Picard and his dullards are family. But, really, name ONE episode in which they don’t use the word “diagnostic.”

3. Lene Taylor - 17.03.2010

One of my favorite Trekkies refers to Picard as “a social worker in space”. Commodore, are you up for an interview with us at Shatmoy weekend (assuming you can’t make it in person)? Email us at lookathisbutt@gmail.com!

4. Marc - 01.04.2010

I so did NOT have a mancrush on Riker. If there was one character I enjoyed watching on the show it was Data. As for crushes, Gates MacFadden had an amazing body!

Commodore Mendez - 01.04.2010

I stand corrected, sir! How have you been?

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