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My Girlfriend Made Me Watch 28.12.2009

Posted by Commodore Mendez in Movie reviews.
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I love it when Sandra plays tough.

Movie: The Proposal (2009)
Plot: Beautifully aging Canadian gal strongarms her assistant who is frankly too old to be her assistant to marry her in order to avoid being deported. Romance and hilarity ensue.
IMHO: Romantic comedies are perfect examples of fantasy storytelling — their plots are more unlikely than, say, robots transforming into trucks. But alas Sandra Bullock is my kryptonite, and she can spend an hour in overalls prepping and cooking pork chops with brussel sprouts on the side, and I would pay to see it. Otherwise, Betty White gets all the best lines. The guy who plays Deadpool is also in this, but his head looks like it got crushed at the temples. Which is what he gets for touching Sandra’s butt!
Compared to the great Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, this movie is “a no-win situation.” For boyfriends, that is. Except for the Sandra-Bullock-is-actually-naked! scene.
If William Shatner had directed it, he would’ve screwed the continuity glitches and reprised his role as Stan Fields.
If Scotty had seen the movie with me, he’d have said, “Aye, and I’d’ve liked to fly Betty White a few times around the galaxy me-self.”
SPOILER: Sandra Bullock wins.
I give this movie: 1.29 Nomads out of 5 (if you’re reading this, Sandra, 5 out of 5)



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