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Next Gen Nature versus Nurture 14.12.2009

Posted by Commodore Mendez in Star Trek Stuff.
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75% Klingon. 100% Trouble.

Blood will tell. Klingon blood, that is! Maybe. This past weekend actor Brian Bonsall, who originated the seminal ST: TNG role of Alexander Rozhenko, son of the son of Mogh, allegedly got into a bar brawl in Colorado (on Earth) and was taken into custody. Perhaps after too much blood wine. Perhaps after some ski bum besmirched his honor.

Colorado Daily reports that the 28-year-old is facing third-degree assault charges for hitting his friend in the face with a bar stool. He’s probably grateful he left his bat’leth home. His dad should be proud, although as the ultimate Klingon Oreo, Worf would probably chastise his estranged cheese-cutter of a son.

The police report revealed: “Bonsall said that he takes a lot of drugs and sometimes those drugs make him forget things.” Like the lessons of Kahless!

The once-cloyingly-cute actor has encountered the authorities before. He was arrested for drunk driving in 2004, for assaulting his girlfriend in 2007, and for inducing diabetic comas on ST: TNG viewers every time he appeared in makeup as a cuddly Klingon brat-child.

Klingons, you may remember, were the bastards who killed Captain Kirk’s son.

Bonsall was also the Oliver for Family Ties and may have been distressed over the recent news that his mama was gay.



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