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Review: The Informorant 16.09.2009

Posted by Commodore Mendez in Movie reviews.
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What does one do while waiting for the next Bourne script to be written?

What does one do while waiting for the next Bourne script to be written?

Movie: The Informant! (2009)
This movie is the comedy version of The Insider (1999) we all haven’t been waiting for.
The actors galumph through their roles, particularly Matt “Marky Mark” Damon, who seems to think he’s in an extended Saturday Night Live sketch. Kudos to Scott Bakula for the hair though. The director, Stevie “sex, lies, and Ocean’s 11” Soderbergh, makes another pretty picture, but no sympathetic characters. The script unsuccessfully uses manic depression as a gag, and 180s from broad comedy to the last five minutes of an episode of Law and Order.
Compared to the great Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, this movie consists of various unremarkable ores.
If William Shatner had directed it, he would have made a great Mark Whiteacre.
If Scotty had seen the movie with me, he’d have said, “A little of the old Vulcan mind meld woulda resolved the whole thing faster than it’d take to reconfigure the deflector array to emit a tachyon pulse.”
Overall: This may have been the only way to make a movie about price-fixing conspiracies remotely funny. But some good moments don’t overcome an inevitably downbeat finale, and you’re left not really sure about what was really going on with ADM, and not in a good way. Kudos again to Scott Bakula for trying to get past Star Trek Enterprise. Let’s see that Quantum Leap feature film already. Not!
SPOILER: George Clooney does not come in and save the movie.
I give this movie: 2 Nomads



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