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Review: Harry Potter and the Half-Drunk Prince 24.08.2009

Posted by Commodore Mendez in Movie reviews.
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Gambon wishes he could break into a song from the ‘40s.

Gambon wishes he could break into a song from the ‘40s. "You always hurt the one you love..."

Movie: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009)
This movie is a like a wet dream but not in a fun way.
The actors seem bored. The director gives us three B plots but no A plot. The script makes Alan Rickman take cold showers and think of his next paycheck.
Compared to the great Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, this movie indicates two-dimensional thinking.
If William Shatner had directed it, there’d be at least one fart joke.
If Scotty had seen the movie with me, he’d have screamed, “That Lucky potion seems to have a kick. I’d fancy a taste of that.”
Overall: The film series get older while its characters fail to mature. The budding love stories fizzle, as does an ending that should make us weep into our smuggled flasks. Oddly, Dumbledore telling Harry to cozy up to Slughorn could’ve played like a British schoolboy version of Notorious. But not with a commercial behemoth like Potter. Maybe in the porn version.
I give this movie: 1 Nomad
PS: Much like her husband’s direction, Helena Bonham Carter continues to be one of the most unpleasant presences on screen, and not in a good way.



1. e - 25.08.2009

I’m not a potterhead so perhaps my two cents is worth just that. But other than the unnecessary rip on Tim Burton — whose work I do generally enjoy — and by association the rip on his wife, I largely agree with this review. There’s a really fun scene at the beginning and one at the end too but in between felt like eons. On the upside, it was shot by the same DP who did Amelie and Across the Universe so it’s does provide some very nice eye candy.

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