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Just Call Me Janus 15.05.2009

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Is it beer-thirty yet?

Is it beer-thirty yet?

Funny thing about that movie, as time passes and more and more of my friends go see it I find I have an interesting reaction.  When people say to me “Wasn’t Star Trek absolutely fantastic!” I smile and agree with them wholeheartedly.  And we start happily re-living our favorite parts together. 

But when I run into the few rare people who say “I don’t get the fuss.  I thought the movie kinda sucked!” I smile and agree with THEM.  And we start re-living all the stupid stuff.

As Spock would say: “Fascinating.”

I usually tend to be very stubborn and fervent in my opinions about films.  I wonder if this latest weird wrinkle has to do with head vs. heart?  Or maybe my inner adult vs. my inner child?  Maybe the little kid in me who thrills at roller coasters loved the film, while the adult who enjoys a well-crafted, carefully plotted novel found it annoying?  The inner tot who got misty-eyed to see his old favorites depicted (and squealed over all the spiffy inside references) vs. the inner grown-up who thought the screenplay was seriously lacking and that they failed to capture much of that original Trek magic. 

Who knows.  But here I am: Mister Two Face.




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