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Ain’t Over Till the Green Lady Dances… 29.04.2009

Posted by Yeoman Nacelle Envy in Star Trek Stuff.

Dearest Commode Mendez,

I feel your pain. Yet not.

I, for my part, am pretty darned optimistic about the new film. Yup.

Personally, and please don’t kill me now, I love Hollywood’s recent “Reboots” of the likes of Bond and Battlestar. I was a huge James Bond fan from way, way, way back (Connery being my ab fave, natch), so, even though I knew the series was floundering, I wasn’t sure how I’d like Casino & Quantum. But they blew it out of the water IMHO. (Especially Quantum.)

They kept some stuff, they tossed some stuff, they updated some stuff, they affectionately referred to a ton of “inside” Bond stuff for crazed fans like me, and, yes, in some cases they came right out and made fun of our old “sacred” stuff. (I love the moment in Casino when a bartender asks our new hard-assed Bond if he’d prefer his martini shaken or stirred. Daniel Craig, looking every bit the cold assassin from Fleming’s original novels, snarls “Do I LOOK like I care??”)

And though I was never a huge fan of the original Battlestar, which I always kinda thought was a campy piece of corporate-created space-opera fluffernutter designed to grab Star Wars’ sloppy seconds, I passionately loved the latest version. Man oh man. Truly awesome. Wow. Sure it had a few clunker episodes, but it was, by and large, some of the best damn stuff ever put on television. Ever. The acting, the writing, the directing, the special effects. Jeeze. And they SERIOUSLY reinvented it from the original, corny Battlestar Galactica. They basically just kept the bathwater and tossed the baby.

Not that I want them to do that with Star Trek, mind you. Keep baby and water, if you please. My point is changes and updates and “modernizations” aren’t always a negative. So, much as I’m a hardcore, bonafide, deeply-rabid Trekker/Trekkie – yes, from the ORIGINAL airings back in the day (I’m that freakin’ old!) – I’m open to things being shaken up a bit. OR stirred.

Truth is, I don’t see a choice. Franchises are like sharks: gotta keep moving forward or they die. If we truly want the next generation (pun intended) of people to love the show we’ve loved for over 40 years, we’ve GOT to let go a little and let them mess with it a tad. Or we can just let it die off, fondly remember the good old days, and wonder quietly to ourselves why our darling grandkids don’t get misty like we do when we think about the Horta mourning her broken eggs.

Yeah, I hate that Abrams says he wasn’t a fan. Really bugs me. (I still pray this comment was a publicity stunt intentionally thrown out to cause controversy and/or get non-fans to check out the movie.) And yeah, I also have doubts about the cast. (I LOVE Quinto, though. It’s amazing. He freakin’ IS a young Spock. What the-!) No, I’m certainly not convinced that pretty-boy Kirk II is going to capture the essential Kirkiness and Kirkiosity of the inimitable (or should I say imitable) Billy-the-Shats. (Though I’ll admit Chris Pine did do a decent acting job in an otherwise forgettable film “Bottle Shock.”)

And yes, I care about canon. Sure. But rumor has it any minor canon changes are conveniently explained away with the “alternate reality” time-travel plotline. And, if you respect Star Trek at all, you GOTTA cave and respect a classic, uber-convenient Science Fiction trope like “alternate reality.” Come on now. That’s the magic of  SF. (Is a young Kirk meeting up with Pike or knowing how to drive a car all that different than Spock’s goatee and Sulu’s dueling scar?)

Personally, the only thing that stood out and deeply bugged me from the trailers and clips I’ve glimpsed so far are the shots of the Enterprise being constructed. On the ground. On. The. Ground. Really? Really??? Why the eff? Just ‘cause it looks cool propped up on cinderblocks in someone’s front yard like an old Chevy? Well, maybe the movie offers a damn good reason why they couldn’t build it in space.

I hope.

Bottom line: I’m just saying we need to keep an open mind. I, for one, will be delighted with the film if it shows respect (but not necessarily blind deference) to the original. I mostly hope it is well acted, well written, and well directed. (I also hope the composer slips in a few strains of the old familiar incidental themes, just for kicks.) I hope it’s fun for old-fart fans and newbie’s alike. (I even hope they gently tease us old Trekkies a little now and then.)

But most of all, I hope the new “reboot” finds its own voice and its own way to capture and introduce to yet another generation the camaraderie, adventure, fellowship, and sense of hope and wonder they always managed to have in STTOS.

I can’t ask for more than that.

But don’t get me wrong. I’ll be drinking heavily before I go see it….

Yeoman Nacelle Envy






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