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Stewart Once Again Wishes He Were Shatner 17.04.2009

Posted by Commodore Mendez in Star Trek Stuff.

Gates McFadden never looked MILFier. What is Worf doing nowadays? Honestly, I don't care.

Dearest Sylvia,

You read this?:

”Patrick Stewart has reportedly upset theatre fans by launching into an obscenity-laced tirade. The incident is said to have occurred following a performance of Waiting for Godot at the King’s Theatre in Edinburgh. The X-Men star [see that?] apparently accosted an autograph seeker and accused him of taking pictures of him on stage, according to the Daily Record. ‘There were at least 40 people waiting for autographs and this guy had a big camera and was waiting at the front of the queue,’ a witness told the publication. “The woman with the guy was getting her programme signed. Stewart suddenly looked up and said, “Are you the ***hole who was sitting at the front tonight?”‘ Stewart further admonished the man by asking him how he could ‘sleep at night’, said the source.”

He SO wants to be Kirk. Next thing you know he’ll be doing Priceline.com commercials.

Signed, Edna


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